Women are the backbone of a family and the pride of a nation. It's in the instinctive nature of women to take care of others, put themselves before others and this characteristic alone drives her to perform 10x when she is vital and in pink of health.  However equal we want women to be on par with men, they have a different physiology which needs more care than men.

Women wear different hats and are great at multi-tasking which requires them to metabolize their emotional and physical well-being in a stress-free manner.

YMM was founded by a woman, who has been employed in a couple of start-ups, then at a Fortune 100 Company and finally started her own business to help people. She understands the challenges a woman goes through while trying to maintain a work-life balance.

This program is designed specifically for women to build the resilience needed to cope a corporate environment and have enough energy left to spend quality time with loved ones at home.

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Working Hours

Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


24128 Wedgewood Cir,
Warren, MI, 48091

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