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Vaccination is not a jail free ticket to freedom from wearing a mask nor from social distancing!

You can still contract the virus, get a mild fever or even be asymptomatic.

It can still be contagious, so 

😷 Always wear a mask

👨‍🚀 Practice #socialdistance 

🧼 Wash your hands once you are back home

🧥 Change your clothes or better yet take a quick shower immediately after coming home

🍋 Use #sanitizer with care. 

👐Always wash your hands before you eat; do not use sanitizer

💨 Make sure you let in fresh air in the mornings

Be mindful of others and do your part by following these simple tips.

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Breathe Like A Baby!

(cont. post from last one)

When babies inhale, their belly expands and falls while exhaling. This helps in maintaining healthy SPO2 levels.

This technique comes to humans naturally as babies but as we grow, we are given into societal norms of looks, sucking our tummies just to feel good about ourselves.

"Pranayama" is an ancient yogic technique to oxygenate different parts of the body with a simple combination of breathe and mudras (pose). 

Prana - Life and Energy Force
Yama - Control


🍱 Stop eating 2hrs before and stop drinking water 1hr before performing #Pranayama

🧘Sit Straight, either on a chair or on the ground in padmasana, taking back support against the wall.


👃Always start by completely Exhaling

🤞Hold for 5sec

👃Inhale to fill your stomach like a baby

🤞Hold for 5sec

Start practicing for 5️⃣ cycles twice a day.

Gradually increase to 15 cycles in increments of 🥈 per day.

Perform on empty stomach early in the morning, preferably outdoors in fresh air and then after 12hrs.

Time your meals and water intake accordingly.

Hope you make use of this to maintain healthy SPO2 levels and to relieve stress.

I would like to know, if you have performed this technique ever?

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Did you know your body is a host for billions of microbes that help protect your immunity?

Come join us on #clubhouse at 12PM EST Saturday 27th March 2021, on more such evidence backed data on how to improve your #immunity naturally.

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